Entomology Collection

Entomology collection

Collection made between 1982 and 2015. At this moment It is deposited in Finland.

About 230 boxes (Spain, Finland and Mediterranean area) 39 × 27 cm with species of almost all kinds (very remarkable genus Iberodorcadion and Cerambycidae, Scarabaeidae, Meloidae).

About 160-170 boxes (Tropical and rest of the world) 60 × 40 cm (equivalent capacity each in three of 39 × 27 cm)) with species of almost all kinds (very remarkable Lucanidae, Cerambycidae, Scarabaeoidea).

11 Exhibition boxes 80x50x10 with insects, graphics, dioramas, metamorphosis, etc …


20 Tupper (shoebox size) whit some thousand species repeated and for review.

The collection includes some paratypes.

The collection consists of more than 25,000, not including the tupperware.